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Business Administration-Marketing graduate program provides foundational and specialist business training in marketing. It enables graduates to develop, implement and control integrated marketing programs, work closely with managers in other functional areas, and pursue a career in marketing management. The aim of the program is to provide an overview of marketing operations in a management context as well as to give students the knowledge and skills to manage the marketing policy in a firm. Marketing Management provides specialists usable marketing knowledge and skills to ensure an organization’s competitiveness. In fact, it focuses on the means by which organizations attract and retain customers, and covers many aspects of marketing, including marketing strategy, customer behavior, relationship marketing, branding and international marketing.


Upon completion of the program, graduates will be able to:

• apply coherent and advanced knowledge to a range of management disciplines in a cross-disciplinary approach to holistic and problem-oriented business issues paying particular attention to mitigating risk;

• apply knowledge of research principles to identify, critique, and synthesize complex information and apply it to problem-solving and decision-making exercises as an individual and as a team member;

• demonstrate an ability to apply business research methods to identify and address managerial dilemmas through multidisciplinary approaches to business and management problems;

• develop an advanced knowledge of business and stakeholder management challenges and skills associated with the current complex business environment from a commercial, environmental, people, and culture sustainability perspective

• develop the critical and research skills necessary to prepare students for successful further postgraduate study and the transfer of learning to the workplaces.

Job Opportunities

Graduates of the masters program in Marketing Management can pursue a career as a product/brand manager, market researcher, marketing management, account manager, media planner, category manager, advertising strategist, or one of many other related positions; therefore, graduates can progress to more senior-level opportunities.

Registration Officer :

First Semester
Course no. Course Kind of Course Pre-requisite Credit
1 337101 English for Management Students Prerequisite   2
2 337102 Applied Statistics Prerequisite   2
3 337301 Market Survey and Marketing Issues Minor   2
4 337302 Advanced operational Research Minor   2
5 337303 Management Economy Minor   2
6 337104 E-commerce Prerequisite   2
Total Course Credit Hours of the First Semester 12
Second Semester
Course no. Course Kind of Course Pre-requisite Credit
7 337309 Management Accounting Minor   2
8 337304 Statistical Analysis Minor   2
9 337305 Advanced Organizational Behavior Management Minor   2
10 337308 Consumer Behavior Major   2
11 337310 Advanced Management Information System Minor   2
Total Course Credit Hours of the Second Semester 10
Third Semester
Course no. Course Kind of Course Pre-requisite Credit
12 337103 Advanced Research Methodology Prerequisite   2
13 337312 Advanced Strategic Management Minor   2
14 337313 Industrial Marketing Major   2
15 337306 Advanced Human Resource Management Minor   2
16 337307 Marketing Research Major   2
Total Course Credit Hours of the Third Semester 10
Fourth Semester
Course no. Course Kind of Course Pre-requisite Credit
17 337311 Advanced Management Theories Minor   2
18 337314 Seminar in Marketing Issues Major   2
19 337315 Thesis Major   4
Total Course Credit Hours of the Fourth Semester 8

    Dean of the Faculty
 Name :
 Dr. Mostafa Emadzadeh